The moon will be full exactly at 7:33 pm (CST) today Friday October 22, 2010.

The nature of this full moon mark the events that will set the tone for the next three months until the sun makes its ingress into Capricorn in the winter.

Ramesey says; “if your Ascendant at this time be a movable sign, then must you not content yourself with that scheme alone; but for every quarter of the year must you erect another, this enduring no longer than till the Sun enter the first point of Cancer, and from thence1 may you know the events of the summer quarter, being June, July and August, under Cancer, Leo and Virgo; the third figure, for the third quarter, and that which is termed autumnal, being September, October and November, under Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, is to be erected for the Sun his entrance into Libra; and then the last for the winter quarter when he enters Capricorn, which together with Aquarius and Pisces does rule December, January and February”(Astrologia Munda, B 4, sec 1, p. 21) Because the ascendant was in a movable sign (cancer) at the moment the sun entered Aries in the spring of this year, it is necessary to erect a chart for every change in season.

The sun entered Libra on September 22, 2010 at 10:09 Pm (CST). The ascendant was at 16 degrees Gemini. According to Ramesey, “In like manner, look whatever sign ascends at the time aforesaid, i.e., the Suns ingress into Aries in any year, and that sign, together with the Lord, shall particularly denote the common people of that kingdom or nation for which your scheme is erected, and shall be their significators, and the Moon generally..” (p.31), therefore, Mercury being Lord of Gemini, is the significator of the people and will mark the events of the fall season.

The hyleg was the moon, Mars the angel or promissor and Jupiter the almuten. The anaretic or killing places, are the places of Saturn and Mars (E. Sibly, The New & Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology, London, 1826, p. 468). On Saturday, October 23, at 5:58 Pm (CST) Mercury reaches the point where Mars was located at the moment of the ingress of the sun into Libra, which is 6 degree Scorpio. The houses affected are in angles. Because they are in angles the influence is likely to be very strong. The moon at the time the significator reaches the promissor, is in Taurus. When the moon is in Taurus, it becomes exalted, meaning, next to her own house (cancer), in Taurus she is in the most agreement with her own nature. The house that she occupies at the time is the first house (self) in Taurus (self-esteem, self-worth, monies, possession). Emotional issues arising from self-esteem, self-worth, monies, possessions will be key factors that will generate the event. When Mercury (significator) reaches it promisor (Mars), it takes place in the 7th house (house of relationships, marriage, partnerships, open enemies) in Scorpio (sex, jealousy, envy, passion). In antiquity, before the discovery of Pluto, Mars was Lord (ruler) of Scorpio. To the ancients, it was well known the behavior that Mars exerted when he was in his own house because of the many manifestations and altercations of jealousy, sexual pleasures, passions and envy.

Jupiter is the almuten (the reason for the event) and it was found in Pisces( drugs, illusions, fantasy), retrograde in the 11th house (friends, freedom, universal consciousness).

Mercury was casting a sextile on to Mars at the time of the Autumnal equinox, therefore, the event takes place because of friends who portent to be friends and yet are not.

In conclusion, the full moon and thereafter, we shall see some very heated arguments between spouses, partners, or open enemies in regards to friends that in reality where not a true friend, whether they be mutual to the partnership or the individual, it will be a cause of much envy, jealousy, sexual rivalry and passionate emotional outburst.

It will be well advised to increase damage control and keep heated replies to a minimum. In time, the identity, nature and intentions of the false friend will be understood and hopefully we shall emerge from the influence without any major reprecations to ourselves, or anyone else.


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