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Capricorn is the 10th zodiacal sign of the celestial sphere. The sign rules matters belonging to the 10th house which are; Employment, profession or trade; employers and those in authority. Honor, prestige, reputation, power, control, dignity, glory, acclaim, advancement – the worldly position, career or life-interest that attains these. Success or failure that an individual will attain, which, is relative to one’s own station in life. Also, fame, infamy, notoriety and in general terms, the public eye.
Capricorn, represented by the goat, is a cardinal sign because it heralds the beginning of a new season. It presides over the winter solstice when the sun enters Capricorn each year on December 22. For the northern hemisphere, the transit of the sun to its lowest southern declination produces the shortest day, and the longest night of the year. In astronomical terms, the transit of the sun into the lowest southern declination, 23 degrees and 27 minutes, is called the “grave”, because the sun seems to remain at that degree during the next three days. On December 25, as if rising out of the grave, with a new birth, the sun begins to make its slow ascent, back into the closest northern declination which comes to its culmination each year, on the summer solstice.
It is an earth sign, belonging to the earthy triplicity along with Taurus and Virgo. Capricorn is tropical sign, cold, dry, feminine, of short and oblique ascension, nocturnal, weak, unfortunate and it’s direction is west, below. The sign is ruled by Saturn, the most malefic of the 7 ancient planets. In it, according to Ptolemy, Mars has his exaltation at 28 degrees therefore, Mars is co-significator in the sign. Jupiter is in its fall according to Ptolemy, however, being the sign that is the exact opposite of Cancer, home of the moon, it makes sense that the moon would be in its detriment here.
Within its constellation, there is one important star of the second magnitude which is the “Bright star of the Vulture” or “Aquila”.
In its phases, Jupiter holds the first 10 degrees of the sign, and it is represented by the 2 of Pentacles in the minor arcana. It is the phase of hospitality, benevolence and honesty; of conviviality, merriment and sport. In this part of the Capricorn constellation, “Sagitta is observed, a group of stars that resembles a speeding arrow heading for its aim. According to Greek mythology, Sagitta is the arrow that was used by Heracles to kill “Aquila”, the mystical bird that was sent from heaven to punish Prometheus. The bird pecked his liver out as punishment for stealing the fires of heaven in order to share it with mankind, an act that was benevolent, hospitable and honest.
The second phase of the sign is held by Mars, from 11 to 20 degrees Capricorn and it is represented by the 3 of pentacles. The group of stars in this part of the constellation depicts “Aquila” the wounded and falling eagle. The Arabs named it “Al Tair” meaning “the wounded”. Here the source of punishment receives its punishment and therefore, it is a phase of inordinate desires, unbridled passions, intemperate lusts, discontentment and disappointment.
The third phase is held by the Sun, from 21 -30 degrees Capricorn. It is represented by the 4 of pentacles in the minor arcana. The cluster of stars observed here, are associated with “Delphinus” or “sacred fish”, a beautiful dolphin, symbol of metamorphosis, springing upward as to claim its victory over peevishness. Therefore, this is the phases of exalted understanding, manliness and wisdom; of sobriety, integrity and honor.
The tarot card of the sign is XV “The Devil” in the major arcana and the card of it’s ruling planet Saturn, is XXI “The World or Universe”. Capricorn’s Archangel is Hanael and it’s Angel Saritiel. Its Apostle is Thomas and Minor Prophet Nahum. Tribe of Israel represent by the sign is Zebulun. It’s color is Indigo (Blue-Violet) Scent: Musk, Civet and its tone is A.
Psalms associated to the Quinances are:
• From 0-5 degrees Capricorn Ps. 71:16
• From 6-10 degrees Capricorn Ps. 33:4
• From 11-15 degrees Capricorn Ps. 94:11
• From 16-20 degrees Capricorn Ps. 131:3
• From 21-25 degrees Capricorn Ps. 116:1
• From 26-30 degrees Capricorn Ps. 26: 8
Its positive traits are: ambitious, hardworking, serious, businesslike, conservative, pragmatic, prudent, responsible, scrupulous.
Its negative traits are: stubborn, sulking, egotist, status-conscious, overbearing, unforgiving, fatalistic, inhibited, mind over heart.
key phrase : I USE
Key word: AMBITION

Anatomical rulership: bones, all manner of decay and death as part of catabolism and metamorphosis. Part of the body: the knees.