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The sun’s ingress into the cardinal sign of Capricorn marks the winter solstice. This year at 12:38 AM (GMT) on December 22 the sun will make his yearly round into its most southern latitude, which to astrologers it is known as the “pit” or the “grave”. At his ingress into the first degree of Capricorn, the sun seems to remain “still” within the same degree for 3 days. On December 25th, as if rising up with a new birth, he begins to make his slow ascent back to his most northern latitude, which culminates at the summer solstice.
This year, it will be presided by a lunar eclipse only 11 hours or so earlier. As a result, the months that constitute the winter season, will undoubtedly be foreshadowed, by its commencing event.
In accordance with Ptolemy, the fortitude and debility of the planets are measured and assessed; where by, the scheme of the planetary forces acting upon our nature is revealed or least hinted.
In this case, the premium mobile or the mid-colei takes on the light of God or the giver of life. The Mid-colei is representative of government and power. The Alchocoden or guardian Angel is Mercury and the king or Almuten is Saturn. Because Jupiter sits in the 9th house, he represents the prophet. However, Jupiter’s strength cannot measure up to Saturn’s exaltation and southern angle as to diminish his severity. Therefore, the lord of the vernal solstice is Saturn.
With the moon in the 12th house and the sun in the 6th, the eclipse seems to be reinforced by the luminaries in the same houses, however reversed, from whence the eclipse took place. During the eclipse, the sun occupied the 12th house and the moon the 6th. Saturn now, sitting in the 4th house in a detrimental square to the moon, denounces an unrelenting severity to the people. The moon, at the sun’s ingress into the first degree of Aries, pronounced her as lady of the year and representative of the people. Deprived of her light in her own house (cancer), sitting in the 12th house, house of sorrow, lamentations, imprisonment, banishment, grief, poverty and limitation denotes the lamentable conditions of the people during the winter quarter. People in hospitals due to infiltration of sickness from travels to and from foreign lands, grain, fruit and cattle coming from distant lands diseased and noxious, is a testimony that was conferred during the eclipse and reiterated during the solstice. The sun, representing people of power, during the eclipse was in the 12th house, but in the solstice is in the 6th. Once again, Mercury, lord of the houses of communication and large institutions such as hospitals and secret societies, is combust and retrograde in Sagittarius, the sign of foreign lands, making the same argument that an important piece of information about illness in foreign lands is being withheld from the public. Saturn, the planet of discipline and limitation, sits in the southern angle, the 4th house. This combination alone tell us that the homes of people will be limited in basic commodities and items of luxury, and the moon in the 12th house shows the emotional anguish and distress to the people who will feel helpless in their limited conditions.
Jupiter, representative of the wealthy, is sitting in the 9th house which is his natural house. According to ancient tradition, Jupiter ruled Pisces, however, today, Neptune is said to be lord of the sign, which in this case occupies the 8th house at 26 degrees Aquarius. With the lord of the 9th house in the 8th, denoting death in a foreign land and the lord of the 6th house sitting in the 9th, arguing sickness while traveling, the testimonies do not seem to deviate one from the other.
In summary, the heavens seem to concur in their judgments which according to my limited capacity as a human, can only confer in a general manner. The message imprinted by the planets, as above so is below, contends that officials and people of power, at the time of the eclipse, are well aware of the outbreak of an illness in a foreign land and damage to consumable goods. Perhaps due to inclement weather conditions, which could affect labor in foreign lands as well as foods and basics commodities (please refer to the lunar eclipse of December 21, 2010 for further information). The luminaries testify to illness that infiltrates homelands through travels to and from abroad, and by means of noxious grain, fruit and cattle. Scarcity dominates and inflation sets in. The people will go to buy their groceries with baskets full of money, and the money will only buy them, pockets full of food. It is to our hope, that none of such matters will ensue, due to the fact that a devastation such as this one, would be bordering on tragedy upon an already weakened and wounded economy.